INFORMATION SERVICE is a professional information platform that focused on green commercial innovation and sustainable development. By integrating the platform network with cooperation partners’ resources to provide diverse communication services, so as to promote propaganda and communication of domestic and overseas enterprises, institutions and management department from environmental protection, clean technology, and low carbon economy fields. It shares the best green commercial analyses and practical articles with hundreds of thousands of readers, and provides scientific decision making reference to promote the exchange of global green information.


      This platform integrates nearly 100 Chinese and international experts and institutions. Under the support of partnership and think tank alliance, it can provide various professional services like special report, research, local planning, competitiveness analysis, intellectual property rights, etc. for practitioners and city administrators from Sino-Euro clean technology field.


      As an industry public relation service provider with 15 years of history in China, we have abundant of professional activity experience. Our partners come from institute, consultation company and media of environmental protection, clean technology and innovation fields both in China and abroad, thus we have professional research, planning and executive capabilities. By our professional perspectives and channels, we can provide customized activity and relationship network for cooperation partners and customers to ensure the maximization of our partner’s benefits.  


      By using the platform data base and partnership, we have set up work correspondence in nearly 20 countries and regions both in China and abroad, to provide relationship exchange network support for our cooperation partners in the establishment of management department-institution-enterprise in their process of technology innovation and market exploration. In the meanwhile, employing network platform and exclusive activity, we can also maintain cooperation partners brand packaging and public image in their target market.


      Under the support of think tank and research center of the platform, we can assist our client to find partner or customer in potential market by means of analyzing appropriate technologies both in China and abroad, discovering demands on research, market and project cooperation. In the meanwhile, we also provide support and service relevant to intellectual property rights in the process of technology transfer, in order to ensure the interest of our customers and cooperation partners.


      Our internet platform can provide press release service for report, analysis, interviews, topics and activities notice, etc. from the following fields:

      Air protection, clean technology, new materials and products, energy efficiency, green building, new energy, renewable resources, waste management, water and wastewater treatment, the smart grid, smart city, Eco- city, ecological agriculture, LOHAS etc.

      General articles will be reviewed and released within 48 hours after receiving (weekends and public holidays excepted). The contributors will receive the link of the article. In accordance with relevant provisions, our website reserve on all rights to editing and final release of all contributed articles.

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